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On Cloud Nine

When our Dovetail team first arrived on-site to transform a somewhat dated home into liveable 'modern coolness' we discovered we were not alone — a herd of about 100 elk were already enjoying the views from this pristine high alpine setting. A short video of this awesome encounter received over 1.4 million views on Facebook to date, proving we weren't the only ones left in awe. 

To begin this home's transformation, our craftsmen began with projects like removing unneeded interior walls to create better socializing spaces, raised roofs in many rooms, and generally opened it all up to take advantage of its stunning natural surroundings. The massive view-through stone fireplace, which features built-in nooks and cranies for storing both whiskey and wood, is truly a work of 'uniquely Montana' art.

In the spacious kitchen, the numerous custom reclaimed oak cabinets are set intentially low to keep the focus on the jaw-dropping Bridger Mountain views. Warm, wide-plank reclaimed floors, grass cloth walls, and an inviting soaking tub with big doors that lead out to the private (not including the resident elk) pond are just some of the creative elements that come together to make any homeowner feel like they're living on Cloud Nine.