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The Cookie Monster

During construction of this spectacular home, the Dovetail crew had the wonderful fortune of being treated to homemade cookies and other delicacies from our client, an avid baker.

That sweet gesture was very welcome as our craftsman worked with renewed vigor each day on the beautiful stonework, reclaimed wood floors, hand-hewn timber elements, detailed finish carpentry, and exacting tile work.

The thoughtfully artful concept of “massing” the home in a manner to create the impression of a home that grew to meet its true purpose in nature found its perfect location, nestled at the base of Bozeman’s Bridger mountain range.

As for the home’s living spaces; on one end, we sourced reclaimed white barnboard, as our client/baker loved old barns and wanted that passion to be reflected in her home. On the opposite end of the home, the cozy master bedroom is essentially built within a timber-stacked cabin, which affords perfect views of Montana’s stunning sunset light on the mountains.

While the Dovetail crew is, of course, appreciative of all our clients, the cookie monster project will forever hold fond memories for all of us.