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Crazy Trixie’s Ranch

At the foot of one of Montana’s most dramatic mountain ranges sits Crazy Trixie’s magnificent compound of contemporary cabins. This unique family getaway is comprised of a handful of guest cabins that connect via beautiful hand-laid stone slab walkways to the common activity cabin, where friends and family can gather for meals and entertainment.

The structures themselves are noteworthy, with exposed modern steel rafters artfully juxtaposed with reclaimed siding from the original ranch buildings, offering an intriguing combination of old and new. Generous exterior doors deliver direct access to the wide open views that surround the place, and inside, custom-finished white oak cabinets and wall appointments are just some of the examples of the exacting craftsmanship that our Dovetail crew brought to this project. 

With Trixie and her friends enjoying time at the compound, we were asked to take on a second project — a clay pigeon structure that would match the vibe of the rest of the buildings. Now, skeet shooting is yet another fun activity to be found at this truly outstanding property.