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"Dovetail brought a calm to the process that was so helpful."

- Betsy T. Owner

"Their approach is very inclusive and easy to work with."

- A. Brechuhler Architect

"Dovetail has both business and construction capabilities unlike many groups…they excel at both."

- M. McCormick Owner

"They acted, and continue to act, with an uncompromising sense of responsibility toward us as their client."

- G. Hanson Owner

"You have treated the design and construction as if you were building your own home."

- Mark R. Owner

"Thanks for being such fun, quality, and competent contractors to work with!"

- B. Brooks Architect

"Considering how picky both my wife and I are, it’s impressive that Tim and Kevin came out without a scratch."

- Keith G. Owner

"Everyone on the site had their heart in it."

- J. Glancy Owner

"We feel truly blessed to work with you all who exhibit such character, commitment, team effort and expertise."

- L. Diduch Owner

"Once you’ve had real builders, the kind that are hands-on and hearts-in, the kind that hold quality above all else, true artisans, like the men of Dovetail, there is just no other choice!"

- W. Gordon Owner

"Even though it is a 'bittersweet' time for us, we know that our relationship will be ongoing. It has been a beautiful and exciting time for our family!"

- Lynn D. Owner

"I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Dovetail Construction as a premier builder."

- T. Eliason Owner

"We could not be more pleased with the final product and working with your firm has been a wonderful experience."

- D. Simpson Owner

"Dovetail's continuous dialog and openness made us feel engrained in the process."

- Todd E. Owner

"Tim and Kevin know how to listen…the exchange with Dovetail was impressive, their initiative is stellar."

- Dok A. Owner

"They know their stuff and they have integrity!"

- Lori R. Owner

"The quality of their workmanship and the pride in which do their craft is remarkable."

- S. Hodapp Owner

"I am going to cry. Speechless, really. We love it!"

- Diana R. Owner